About and Mission Statement of the NPMA

Established in 2019, NPMA was the brainchild of Jimmy Biggs, Vito Micciolo and Rocco Micciolo. With the concern that Pro Mod rules where changing and becoming non competitive and un-affordable to many Pro Mod Teams,  and the electronics where taking the driver and excitement out of Pro Mod Racing, we decided to take it back to its roots with rules from an era that made Pro Mod competitive for all Pro Mod Teams and a fan favorite.


We now have a perfect blend of rules, different types of cars, drivers and engine types to appeal to a broad diversity of racing fans and Pro Mod Teams.

Our Members
The Nostalgia Pro Mod Association features a wide variety of body styles and engines configuration making for some of the quickest and fastest Door Slammers in the country. Some choose Nitrous Oxide; others go with a Supercharged. Needless to say it makes for some very exciting 1/4 mile drag racing at over 230 MPH


Our Goals
The goal of the Nostalgia Pro Mod Association is to provide drivers with a safe, professional, and competitive environment for Pro Mod drag racing. To help achieve these goals the association officers work closely with local tracks and organizations. It is our hope that by developing strong relationships with the local tracks, organizations, and drivers, while delivering a quality and consistent performance, we can increase the recognition of the Nostalgia Pro-Modified class.

Eligibility For Membership
To determine if your vehicle meets the requirements of Nostalgia Pro Mod Association  please refer to the rules page. Failure to comply with the rules and requirements as listed will result in denial of membership. Violation of these rules and requirements can result fines and/or membership termination as deemed appropriate.

Association Owners

Vito Micciolo

Jimmy Biggs 

Rocco Micciolo


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Member Tracks

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