2020 CLUB DUES: Payable January 2nd 2020

A yearly membership fee of $850 that entitles the driver and 3 crew members free admission to each event (7) Seven. Please check rules to verify compliance. If you have a question about if your PM fits the rules, call 267-549-4900

Staging Conduct:
Both cars should conduct burnout's together unless special circumstances exist.  Long burnout's are encouraged. Paired race cars must stage quickly and reverse lanes during qualifying. Driver courtesy suggests that both drivers stage together. It is recommended, but not mandated, that drivers stage by one light each on and then the second light. Driver burn downs are not permitted. Drivers taking more than 15 seconds time to stage may be disqualified.

Return Lane Conduct:
Once a pass is completed the driver must quickly and safely move off the return road. Do not block cars or stop to compare information.

Protest Procedures and Costs:
Event participating drivers or owners may protest a maximum of 3 times a year. Minor protest should be brought to the attention of the event director or enforcer. $50.00 Major protests that will require some type of dismantling/disassembly will follow the same procedures previously outlined and the tear down will be performed by a "tech enforcer” $300.00

*** Subject to change without notice:

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